Let it be known that before midnight on tuesday nights one can buy 3 soft or hard tacos for $1. This is arguably the highest food-mass to dollars-spent ratio a college student can find.

It is no surprise then that in the spring semester of '03-'04 year it became a tradition that every tuesday night someone would go round the lounge (or dorm depending on how ambitious they were) gathering up orders for tacos (in multiples of 3 of course). Then the person (and possibly some assistants) would drive off to the DelTaco which is about 5 minutes east on FoothillBlvd?. The car would procede through the drive through, and attempt to give the large order without cracking up in laughter. After a shortish wait the exchange would be made, and the loot would be driven back to mudd to be deposited in the lounge where ravenous Easties would pounce on the bounty (to each the share they paid for of course, we are under the HonorCode afterall). Once everyone had started eating, JonathanBeall would usually show a CoupLing episode in the EastDormLounge.

The first major order on a taco night was around 20ish tacos.

I believe the highest order of the '03-'04 year was around 60ish tacos.

One highlight of that semester was ordering, paying, and recieving a massive order of tacos, all through the sun roof of HadleyWatson?'s car.

* * * drum roll please * * *

Enter tuesday night (around 11:15pm) of week 2 of the fall semester of the '04-'05 year (9/7/04 if you want to be all compact and stuff):

RichardGarfinkel invokes the DelTaco night tradition and begins to ambitiously make his rounds through the whole dorm taking orders for tacos. When he finally sits down to tally everything up, he comes up with an unsurpased One Hundred and Eleven tacos ordered. By the time all of the this is done it is now around 11:30, and so as to not miss the 3 for a $1 deal (we actually missed it a lot the previous semester since we thought the deal ended at 3am wednesday) RichardGarfinkel and RobinBaur head off to DelTaco. People mingle in the lounge and sort of work on homework as they wait for their tacos to come back. Eventually JonathanBeall gets out his laptop to begin setting up for the showing of a CoupLing episode. He eventually gets it setup and people get impatient enough that he decides to start the episode w/o the presence of tacos. Of course the EastDormLounge denizens love it (for many of the FrOsh it was their first episode). After the episode is over people mingle about and sort of get back to homework, with every so often a comment about tacos and the location of RichardGarfinkel coming up.

Somehow it gets to be about 1am, and those not mired in SleepDep have begun to start worrying about their fellow Eastie (we did not know RobinBaur had gone along). ErikShimshock, AndrewCampbell?, proctor MjumbePoe?, and FrOsh TracyBackes? all hop in the proctor car to try and find out what has happened to the tacos (and RichardGarfinkel of course). We delegate one person to watch the left side of FoothillBlvd? (that was me, ErikShimshock), one person to watch the right side FoothillBlvd? (that was MjumbePoe?), one person to focus all their energies on the tacos (that was TracyBackes?), and one person to drive of course (AndrewCampbell?, for why would a proctor drive a proctor car). About halfway to DelTaco we got very frightened when we saw a flashing police car pulled over on the right side of the street. Luckily it turned out to be two teens in a blue convertible. By the time we had gotten to DelTaco we were getting fairly worried about RichardGarfinkel, and our plan was to ask the drivethro if someone had ordered a bunch of tacos a little before midnight (thus deducing whether RichardGarfinkel had actually made it to DelTaco, or had instead decided to make a run for Tijuana with the $40 it cost).

As we passed the glass door though, we noticed 2 people sitting inside. There were RichardGarfinkel and RobinBaur sitting in the DelTaco chatting it up. And behind the counter were two workers slowly building an army of tacos worthy of conquering the western hemisphere. (I believe your exact quote to us was "plop, sprinkle, fold. 67! plop, sprinkle, fold. 68!..." which turned into a GTSMoTD) For 2 hours the DelTaco workers had been completing the orders of the drive through customers that came up, and slowly on the backburner constructing a mexican food stockpile. It only took about 5 more minutes after the second car had arrived for the full order of One Hundred and Eleven tacos to be completed. The exchange was made and RichardGarfinkel was kind enough to give the workers an extra $10 for all of their efforts. Our convoy of 2 cars triumphantly brought back the 111 tacos which were subsequently devoured in about 5 minutes once they got back into the lounge.

Thus the current record for most tacos ordered in one night stands at One Hundred and Eleven.

Note: It should be pointed out that other dorms have made larger taco orders, but they do not qualify for a handful of reasons:

Further episodes of taco night will be encouraged to look into the theories of distributed taco ordering (there are actually a couple of DelTacos not too far from Mudd).

Can you say Warioware? "Build the taco!"

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