In which ProfessorKarukstis explains, in great detail, all of the problems on the current FroshChem assignment (and provides answers). Has saved the grades of countless FreshMen.

Sunday and Monday nights, 6:00-7:00, in Galileo Pryne.

The term was coined by CalPierog when referring to LoriThomas' notes from said review session.

Also sometimes known as Liquid Answers and Liquid Cheat, due to the fact that it removes almost all need for effort from FroshChem homework.

So, I got persuaded by various FroshCloneSuite denominations to attend Liquid Clue a few weeks ago, and a student asked Professor Karukstis for assistance on an electroplating problem. Professor Karukstis started by giving the answer to the problem . . . "That's fine," I thought, "This gives me the ability to check my work." Then she outlined the general steps one would take in solving such a problem. "Excellent," I thought, "That should help me conceptualize what I need to do." THEN, she went through each step in minute detail, plugging in all the numbers!! What the heck!?!?! --WillShipley

So, does it actually help folks learn or just trivialize the homework?

In my case, LiquidClue tends to turn CheMistry into MatheMatics, which is all good as far as finishing the problems is concerned; plus, it gives me a better idea of how to approach similar things (like test problems!). However, it doesn't do much for my understanding of the chemical principles behind that--to figure that out, I need to (gasp!) go to lecture. I'd say it's some of each, but I was really getting screwed in the class before I started going. --JulieWortman

It's nice when I have no clue how to do the problem, in which case I pay attention for the method, scribble down the answer to check against, and then do the work myself. I think it's supposed to be - in part, anyways - a sort of reward for people who are willing to take time out of their schedules to get some help with chem. Besides, if you're dead set on doing the work yourself, you can do what I do and stop by Karukstis' office. I did that for the last assignment... just asked a few questions about the methods (mainly to confirm what I thought I was supposed to do, and correct errors in my logic) and then worked out the problems while watching Final Fantasy VII. Learned how to do the problems without too much hand-holding, saved a LOT of time (by not having to sit through the review session), and got to find out that I still remember the damn sequence for the piano in Nibelheim. Cool. --JeffBrenion

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