Lizzie (occasionally known as Elizabeth or Liz) was one of the frosh clones living in FroshCloneSuite, and is now on leave from Mudd. She was involved in AreYouWatchingTheChai (though not the main cause), VrableBall, and Weeeee!. She passionately hates FroshChem and CS. Update: In an interesting twist of fate, she is now intending to major in CS.

Apparently, she is the least clone-like of the FroshClones, due to the fact that she has pierced ears. And she doesn't have thousands of towels. Comments,anyone?


She's also not clone-ly in that she scarcely comes to visit anymore; I think CalPierog spends more time in the suite than she does at this point. Also, she doesn't go to ChemLecture that much...*cough* ReamStick *coughcough* --JulieWortman

As was said before, LizzieKadison is now on leave from Mudd, having almost ITRed a little more than she was comfortable with. (She also ends sentences with prepositions.) That is a sentence up with which I will not put. However, she is still in the orchestra, so she shows up once a week and hangs out. She has been referred to as "a strange person sleeping in the lounge." This is very amusing.

The above paragraph is incorrect. Liz has returned to Mudd to torment a new generation of FrOsh. That, and to giggle endlessly in ProfessorRan's CS60 lectures.

"You have a decent forehead"--JulieWortman

"Hi Lizzie"--AlisonHutchins? aka Ida (Lizzie's friend who is a nursing major at an all girl's school...oh the horror)

"I really like frosh chem right now."--LizzieKadison (The comment for which I honor showered myself. I must concede, I deserved it. No kidding. I mean, the morning of the final exam? Yarrrgh. --JulieWortman)

"If someone wanted to give me $100,000 to murder someone, I'd say, 'Yeah, right, offer me more money.'"--LizzieKadison

from TV show "Third Rock From The Sun": "Guns don't kill people, physics kills people." --Dick

"Everybody needs a blowjob now and then." --LizzieKadison

"Boyfriends are fun and easy." --LizzieKadison

"A day without Rachmaninoff is not a good day." --random lady at my dad's company picnic

"You can't steal someone's antenna ball. That's like stealing somebody's pacemaker." --AlisonHutchins? (see above)

"Nobody likes a triple-dip ice cream cone and nobody wants a triple-dip economy." --also AlisonHutchins?

"I wipe up all my sarcasm with Bounty (tm) paper towels. Twice the absorbing power!" --LizzieKadison


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