Logan is a 3rd floor Eastie who lives somewhere. Whee.

Keeper and holder of the MassiveMassiveDictionary and BobtheDeadSharkinaJar. Everybody bow your heads and pretend to be serious!

Also proud owner of a MasoNames: Tecumseh (or Chief, if you're into that whole brevity thing), Loganian.

See also, UniversalStudiosTripOfDoom, HaloFrosh, DoughnutAward

He is now demonstrably more BadAss than you ever will be. All of you. Combined. Because in archery class, he pulled a Robin Hood and shot his own arrow. It's lodged in there pretty damn good, too. And the arrows are made of metal. Come by his room and see, they let him keep it!

He has some good quotes, so it's about time he gets a page.

My response to a Logan statement: "You know, I don't think I've ever heard anyone use Ivan the Terrible and the Underpants Gnomes in the same sentence before..." - MicahLamdin

quote: "the way the phrestion is quased ..."

"What? A FluffyBunny? On the eye of Saruman? It would burn and crackle! ... Do it!!"

(Regarding the Apple G5)"It has Steal-Me handles and a side-retractable toilet."

HaLo alias: Logan5, q.v. (<-- ooo Latin!)

"It's really annoying when you wake up at 1:30 in the afternoon and have only gotten 8 hours of sleep."

Cal asked me "Do you consider yourself 90% of a big man?" I suppose that I do now.

"The Dark Ages." The sentence, and now, the Wiki Node! (DarkAges)

"Bah! Showers are for people with girlfriends."

"I'm so proud of myself. I figured out how my pants work!"

Consistent contributor to GTSMoTD

8:30 Mon/Wed? is shirtless O'clock! (Jujitsu gets out)

AnaGram?'s for my name: a Lorgnon God, no Dr. Olga Nog, gland-goo Ron, a goon Dr. Gong, no dragon log, Grand Logo: On, Go, Roland Nog! Nodal Gorgon, Orlando Gong, Lo, Gorgon Dan! non... *gag* *drool* no gal Gordon, Anglo Dr. Goon, Lagoon Dr. Nog, no Largo dong, gold rangoon, do long groan, nor Anglo God.


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