A 69-page booklet, entirely student-written and produced (funded by ASHMC and only barely checked for content by DOS) meant to give incoming first-year students (i.e. FreshMen) an introduction to HarveyMuddCollege from a student's perspective. TracyvanCort edited the 1999 Lookbook (and in so doing, made Frame her little bitch and burned out really hard on Orientation because she had to chair the Theme committee, too, and try to get all the Sponsors enthused about the theme, which was just really draining); SeemaPatel and IanSchempp are in charge of the 2000 Lookbook.

The 1990 Lookbook got some people in big hot trouble for publishing the definition:

	ScrippSie:	Something of a cross between Miss America and a begonia.  Often seen driving a cute red 
			subcompact and carrying a Nordstrom's card.  Once referred to as "the breakfast of 

AncientMyth has it that the 1990 Lookbooks were confiscated and burned, and the editors went to JB/DB for it. When one of them returned to the job in 1991 and reprinted the definition (as well as an explanation, and what I thought was a pretty good discussion of why 5C stereotypes shouldn't be taken at face value), it never went to print. There just wasn't a Lookbook that year, which is kinda sad.

Did I mention that the Lookbook editor(s) is(are) personally responsible for the Lookbook and its content? Yee-haw!

I personally know an alum who, as a freshman (I think) received one of those 1990 LookBooks?. He showed me the LookBook before I came to Mudd. IIRC, what happened in 1990 was that they printed the LookBook with that definition and Scripps got really angry, but the LookBooks stayed. The next year, after all that hassle, they reprinted the definition and THEN the JB/DB thing happened (as well as that class not getting Lookbooks. I could be wrong on this of course. -- DanielLowd

Tell you what, I'll make it part of my platform for the ASHMC Historian job to find out the true story of the 1990 Lookbook. All I know for sure is that there is no 1990 Lookbook in the big stack of Lookbooks that is the Orientation archive, and the 1991 Lookbook is nothing but a folder of the laid-out pages of the Lookbook that was never printed. I know there's some MuddRaker articles about the incident (angry letters to the editor from ex-Mudders at Scripps and the like), so I'll see what I can find. --TracyvanCort

I applaud you, TracyvanCort. But, what I really want is a copy of the book. Yes, I know it's asking a lot. Electronic copies are OK. It's the content that matters.

There are a couple copies of the 1991 LookBook in DeanGuy's office, as well as a copy of the 1990 LookBook. There's also a letter from DeanMichelle objecting to the content of the 1991 LookBook. Both the 1990 and 1991 LookBooks have the definition in them. --MartinPyne

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