Ever so evil and insane..

"I may be manic, but I'm not at the other part yet, so I'm ok!"

It is possible to contact Lori

(Yes, this has been gratuitously stolen from MattBrubeck (Via JustinPava, will the rampent template theft ever stop?):-> )

Gratuitous Update: Many things listed below are false.

LoriThomas was once a SophoMore in the suite formerly known as FroshCloneSuite (See suite page for details). She was inadvertantly the cause of AreYouWatchingTheChai, not so accidentally involved in Weeeeee! and other random fads. Has a nifty chair she will hang up as soon as she [bothers to put it up again] manages to get to the hardware store when it is open. She, like LauraKanofsky, makes nifty stuff out of duct tape. She has made a buckled scabbard for a duct tape dagger, several wallets, one mitten, and a pair of slippers. Her first attempt at a dress failed, but she plans to try again. LoriThomas occasionally has uncanny knowledge of before she was born (see BeforeYouWereBorn) because of her connections OutsideTheBubble. She has also been told she looks remarkably disturbing when dressed as a guy. Lori was responsible for unleashing a great evil upon the kingdom, disguised as an innocent looking board game about dorks. Oh yeah, and she's a crossword fiend.

Lori can, and probably should, be held partly accountable for the following things:

Lori can work wonders in the kitchen, even when she doesn't have a kitchen. Or something like that.

19: The answer is not 3.

Ask her to tell you the ten minute story of how she fell out of bed.

   LoriThomas is curious to see what others have to add to this page.
   Well, she can't spell, for one thing.  "Inadvertantly"?  -JulieWortman

LoriThomas also thinks VivaHorowitz needs a wiki page. We only need 1 more person to tell her so.

Late her senior year, LoriThomas learned HowToMakeTShirts. Now that the spectre of new dorm t-shirts raises its ugly head, she has decided to pass this knowledge along. (PS: If one of the nifty designs gets made, she wants one)

Schedule for Spring 2005:

 Too much.

Schedule for Spring 2003:

 BIOL108-01 HM Ecology                       MWF 9           3.0
 MATH131-01 HM Real Analysis                 MW  2:45        3.0
 MATH119-01 HM Mathematical Biology(2nd half)TTh 11:55       2.0
 MATH118-01 HM Mathematical Biology(1st half)TTh 11:55       2.0
 MATH189-02 HM Games and Gambling            Tu  4:15        1.1
 ECON104-01 HM Financial Econ                TTh 2:45        3.0
 MATH104-01 HM Graph Theory(1st half)        MWF 11          2.0
 BIOL054-02 HM Bio Lab                       F 1:15          1.0

                                                Total Units 17.0

Schedule ganked from DanCicio.

Schedule for Fall 2002:

 ENGR059-00 HM Stems (LEC)                   TTh 9:35        3.0
 ENGR059-03 HM Stems (REC)                   F 10            0.0
 PHYS051-00 HM E&M (LEC)                     TTh 8:10        3.0
 PHYS051-02 HM E&M (REC)                     MW 9            0.0
 PHYS053-03 HM E&M Lab                       W 3:15          1.0
 MATH061-01 HM Multi-V II                    MWF 8           1.5
 MATH171-01 HM Abstract Algebra I            MW 1:15         3.0
 BIOL109-01 HM Evol Bio                      MWF 11          3.0
 PSYC179-01 HM Cultural Psychology           TTh 4:15        3.0
 MATH191-01 HM Putnam Seminar                T 6:00          1.0

                                                Total Units 18.5

(This schedule template gratuitiously stolen from DanCicio)

Lori's taken on the responsibility of the JobbieCount for BabyStems fall semester 2002. Weeee!



Well. That's pretty cheesy.

Cheeeese! - PaulScott

"My brain's on super-high-fast speed, but not the kind with the brains inside." --LoriThomas

"I want to be a honey roasting agent. I could have a badge, and commandeer cars and stuff. It'd be fun." --LoriThomas

"My week is manic-depressive." --LoriThomas

on ClaremontWater:

"Will you kindly stop being more frictional than me?"--LoriThomas

"Lizzie's floor doesn't use her bed stuff."--LoriThomas

"I know, I'll have a cough drop, because then my mouth won't be open."--LoriThomas

"I'm going to use the bathroom as a means of transportation."--LoriThomas

(upon banging her head on a pillow) "Ow."--LoriThomas

"If I had shoes...which I don't!"--LoriThomas

"The shoe is swinging, swinging, whee!"--LoriThomas

"Normal people get jet fighters..."--LoriThomas

"This is really just a cone without a circle on the bottom." --LoriThomas, describing a tetrahedron at Putnam

"I'm really only a Machiavellian toward cultists." --LoriThomas

"If I weren't running away, I'd run away." --LoriThomas

"I am the manliest lizard in the field station." --LoriThomas, who was actually in the botanical garden

"It's the most wonderful time of the year. There are people walking around with crowbars." -- LoriThomas

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