The name means the City Of Angels, but it would be more appropriate to call it the City Of Smog (it has been hypothesized that the smog killed off the angels quite a while ago). There are two reasons why: first, Los Angeles residents love their cars, and second, Los Angeles could hardly have been designed to collect smog better. Los Angeles (both the city and the county) is HUGE, and there is very little public transportation. Meanwhile, all those cars exhaust various partial combustion products, which drift into the atmosphere and react with each other, catalyzed by the near-constant sunlight of southern California. Once created, the smog stays, because the entire area is more or less a large bowl. The result: constant smog, with the only relief coming from(infrequent for most of the year) rain.

Actually, back in the PrimordialDays?, the smog in LA used to be much worse. Environmental legislation on the output of cars and factories has apparently made a big difference. So if you think it's bad now...

Rumor has it that LA has made it back to #1 on the smog list.

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