Is a SketchyAlum.

Was a Sophomore living in East 164 with EliYoung during the spring and some random person off the waitlist fall semester for academic year 2007 - 2008.

He was once enamored with ProfessorEckert, then realized the cruel and heartless reality.

An Engineering Major.

Requested a wikipage... now he has one. Requested changes to this wikipage, so I will write a good story for him here.

A long, long time ago there was a kid named Marc, and he was a very happy kid who enjoyed drawing pictures on the wall. Of course, his parents were not at all that happy with what he was doing to the walls, but he kept on doing it anyway. Then one day, Marc's aunt, who loved him oh so very much, decided to give Marc a box of 64 colored crayons and a huge stack of (recycled) paper. And Marc was overjoyed. He began drawing beautiful (well, to kids' standards anyway) drawings of his aunt (to thank her of course) and also of everything he saw. And he quickly began using all the colors, and learning all the names of the colors. Soon, he had memorized all of the colors of the crayons in the box, and he could recognize the colors from looking at them. And he wasn't satisfied. He wanted to know about more colors and the names for those colors. And so he bought more crayons. First 96, then 128, then 256, then 512, then 1024, and finally OVER NINE THOUSAND DIFFERENT COLORS! (to be continued)

ArianaFriedman is his SignificantOther and has been for a long time. They are now engaged and stuff.

He was voted East Dorm Good-Boy at EastDormChristmas.

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