(3...2...) MarioKart (DAMN I hit it too early!!) is a popular racing VideoGame (goddammit Baby Daisy) frequently played in EastLounge. (Shitshitshitshit) Features assorted cast members (BLUE SHELL) of various Mario games, including (are you kidding me, down to 10th?!) enemies, for some (hell yes Bullet Bill!!) unfathomable reason. (BEEP BEEP COMING THROUGH) A major source of both procrastination (gogogogogogo) and profanity in the lounge (FUCK YOU TOO BABY DAISY).

May or may not have been a thing in previous years, but certainly a thing with (mostly) frosh in spring 2012. These (mostly) frosh include SarahScheffler, GeorgeAspesi, EmmaDavis, JtBooth, AmandaLemire, ChrisSugino, JoelOrnstein, HelenWoodward, MattRichman...

Also known as "that's not Smash!!" courtesy of many former Easties during Alumni Weekend 2012.

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