Her hair is pink. Her boots are cooler than yours. MarisolBeck is a force of frosh to be reckoned with. Her suite is legacy-endary, her tumblr an overwhelming display of love. Watch out. She's coming. She's here. SHE'S EVERYWHERE.

The sheer force of this page deleted everything after. But KiraWyld fixed it. Maybe. Probably.

KiraWyld also made this page. But it's MarisolBeck now. Her roomie is ZoeTucker and even though she's not as neat as me, I still love her. (The only time I don't give a shit about grammar - yeah, thanks (<-- sarcasm) ZoabKapoor for pointing that one out).

MarisolBeck also has the super-awesome scat/harf, but it isn't actually scat. It's a hat that's also a scarf and is super helpful in this really cold California fall/winter.

She hails from the infamous Walla Walla, Washington, and apparently has been mentioned in Prof Haskell's Quantum Lab cuz her dad wrote the labs. It's weird. Deal with it.

Okay, okay, maybe it's Optics Lab. I just know that they use labs that my dad wrote to go with the Quantum textbook he wrote.

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