marissa is a senior at ScrippsCollege majoring in ComputerScience. long ago, when she was a frosh, marissa lived in ScandalSuite for a couple weeks. there was also an incident codenamed "naked blue chick" involving a NorthDorm meeting and EvilSouthie. coincidentally, marissa also used to have BlueHair but does not at this time. she is still a ShowOff, and enjoys activities that are rather frowned upon by american society, such as BodyPainting? and ClothingOptional?. marissa currently lives in the rockin' cool TowerOfBrowning? and hangs out at EastDorm to play the Surprise Soda Machine Game. also seems to enjoy trying to swoop the frosh, even after the chem test. (Obviously this plan has been a complete failure.)

current happy food things: tazo tea, EGG NOG!, pepper-basil crackers and cheese, hummus, cranberry-orange scones, and apple butter (not all at the same time, though).

KissiWebNeighbors: <-- infinity


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