LaraMercurio and Josh Hansen, no longer frosh but still married. Go them. Josh no longer attends HarveyMuddCollege for financial reasons but is reportedly doing well as a BioMajor at some school in Ohio, where the two of them are from.
Unfortunately, even though this was a GoodThing?, it is no more. This made Lara very sad for a long time, but it was also a GoodThing?. Josh and Lara are still friends, and, after a summer living with three good people, Lara is getting back some of her enthusiasm.

[Josh] is getting ready to go to Med school, having completed his B.S. in Bio (Yay, Josh!!), and Lara is looking into the field of neuroscience. Which is the only sensible thing for a Math-Physics double major originally from an arts school to do, don't you think?

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