Wow... such a long name and nary a "ding" in sight.

Set of names/nicknames for MartijnvanSchaardenburg:

If you're feeling bored or slightly naughty, [Google his first name]; the first result is morally reprehensible and slightly hilarious.

MartijnvanSchaardenburg spent a rather large portion of his second semester at mudd with a "sprained" ankle. Ironically, he may well also be the most ticklish person on the face of the earth, so is a common target and victim of the game 'tickle the cripple.'

MartijnvanSchaardenburg particularly enjoys DeadBabyJokes?, being made to laugh with any mention of [Richard C. Mongler], and spending time with his "GirlFriend" KaylinSpitz. Apparently the status of their relationship is an issue of heated contention, as many members of TreaSon would like to claim MartijnvanSchaardenburg as their SignificantOther, and are willing to fight KaylinSpitz for it.

Current SignificantOther:

Queue of future SignificantOthers:

You need to get this queue moving. Service multiple people at a time if you have to.

MartijnvanSchaardenburg is a NinJa?.

Set of activites that MartijnvanSchaardenburg enjoys:
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