MartinPyne was a ComputerScience major who died with the Class of 2009. He was a FirstFloorEastie? his freshman year, and due to a combination of RoomDraw weirdness and societal disputes, became a ThirdFloorEastie. He lived in CaseDorm his sophomore year (in a CaseQuad?), LindeDorm his junior year (not because of the culture, but because a LongDouble? and a private lounge wins at life), and AtwoodDorm (big single and awesome suite!) his senior year.

A member of SuiteBetrayal (and ItrGames regular), his fall into CrackWhore-dom has been interesting to experience. Most of his electronic gaming before coming to Mudd was limited to NationStates?, which he was a prominent member of (and still runs the wiki for). A year later, he started playing WorldOfWarcraft (for which he is tempted to blame KevinOelze, but has to concede that it's really his own fault) and now with a level 70 dwarf hunter and 80 night elf druid. Also, instigator of the FnordCompletionRun. Go figure.

There are voices in his head that put BadPuns into his brain, for which he is frequently attacked by the PunInquisition. The same voices are frequently a cause of BadIdeas, so beware. He also tends to memorize lots of random useless facts, like the course catalogue (not the FunWiki CourseCatalogue), RoomDraw data, and FunWiki pages. This tends to scare people, although he's not quite sure why, and also got him elected DormHistorian. Martin needs to figure out how to apply his abilities to the CoreCurriculum?, because then he can save the world. Or at least little dogs or something.

RoomDraw data, you say? MartinPyne tends to be somewhat obsessed with RoomDraw. If you ask him about it, he will tell you more than you ever wanted to know. Be afraid -- be very afraid.

Thanks to HendrikOrem, has seen Zardoz. You should, too, if you hate yourself sufficiently. If you're actually looking for something good to watch, he recommends the British sci-fi series DoctorWho, and could supply you with all episodes (see various mirrors on the Network now that he's graduated).

He had an on-campus car, which made him the frequent victim of ride requests. Plus he's just too darn lazy to actually get out of the car once he's sat down in it. Also, he wasan instigator of DonutMan runs. You could stop by SuiteBetrayal around 3:45 on weekends (or on particularly energetic weekdays) if you wanted donuts.

Somebody needs to continue the DonutMan runs now that he's dead, dammit!

Feel free to edit this page, by the way. Because it's just so much more fun.


 17:12:38 <Goobergunch> BAD ARMY NO WORD DOCUMENTS
 23:33:55 <Goobergunch> apparently American conservatives are Eastern European Jews

Where He Is

RoomNumber: [REDACTED], Sunnyvale, CA
PhoneNumber?: (415) 902-6775
BirthDay: 15 June 1987
WebSite?: http://www.goobergunch.net
AIM ScreenName?: goobergunch42
PGP: 0xC977D1C3?

Fall 2013 Schedule

 CS 999 Gainful Employment        MTWRF   9:30-18:30  Spirent
 PE 937 Quidditch II                 R   17:30-20:00  Oelze
 PE 934 Quidditch                      S 13:00-16:30  Fischgrund

MartinPyne doesn't actively check FunWiki anymore. This page is preserved because he finds it entertaining.
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