MaryPeter has mysteriously disappeared off the face of the Earth. Unsubstantiated rumors suggest that she may have been assimilated by a being known as MaryMiddendorf?, but when questioned on the matter MaryMiddendorf? only responded that she knows nothing of MaryPeter, but receives a lot of her mail and has begun to suspect that this MaryPeter is having an affair with her new husband, JoshMiddendorf. Others who know JoshMiddendorf, such as AlexBobbs, report that MaryPeter did indeed have an ongoing relationship with JoshMiddendorf for many years and it may in fact continue to this day.

For many years, MaryPeter hoped to someday choose a major, but then one day graduation came along, so she took what she'd managed to earn so far and decided to see where that would take her. She was a double PhySics/ComputerScience? major, but since she ran out of ComputerScience courses she wanted to take before she completed the CS major, so she is now a PhySics major. She was also considering EngineeringMajor and possibly MatheMatics. She also thinks that Biology would be pretty cool, but she won't be majoring in it because she doesn't want to take any more CheMistry classes. As it turns out, she was probably at the wrong college in the first place, as after graduation she decided that she really should have majored in Psychology and become a marriage counselor, rather than going to work at NorthropGrumman? and making lots of money as a PhySicist?.

She is currently taking the following schedule:

  Classes?  During the summer?  You've got to be kidding!

  Not to mention that whole falling off the face of the Earth thing.

Mary was once what is commonly called a StarWars Freak. Yes freak is the right word for it. She became an official freak in the days before high school, though HarveyMudd? has left her little time or space for such things. For your information, StarWars is made up of a series of 5 really great books by a physicist named Timothy Zahn. If you haven't yet read Heir to the Empire through Vision of the Future, you don't know what it's all about. If you want to borrow them, stop by and visit (current housing below).

She is also currently a fan of Mathnet, the Capitol Steps (they were here; it was awesome!!), HarryPotter, Earthsea, Arlo Guthrie, and The X-Files.

Her favorite past times include SwingDancing, ChesSers, RSF, Bridge, DungeonsAndDragons, ItrGames, Writing, Drawing, Painting and doing homework in ChessersSuite late at night. Someday she plans on learning to unicycle and juggle but not at the same time. (Why not?) She also enjoys HonorShowering people like MicahSmukler and MichaelVrable. In her spare time which she had after graduation and before her disappearance, she also went around telling tall tails of being engaged to JoshMiddendorf, and took up such strange feminine hobbies as wedding dress sewing.

Her ongoing story/work-in-progress/maybe a YA novel someday, "Princess Amber of Agondria," is on the network under workgroup Chessers, computer Sparky, and folder Amber (Except of course it's not anymore because Sparky was sent to the spice mines of Kessel or smashed into who knows what). She encourages people in read it and give her feedback if they are bored... as clearly they are, or they wouldn't have come to the Wiki in the first place, now would they?

Mary is the proud owner of AlaskaUsa.

As of the beginning of their second semester freshman year MaryPeter and RachelGabor were both lucky enough to move all the way down to the first floor of East from where they lived in CaseDorm. She spent most of second semester living in FledglingSuite. Due to conflicts over territory and suities' rights, a brief civil war broke out within the suite which resulted in permanent desuiting. While she still maintained that the ChessersLounge was her home, she lived out the remainder of that semester with her roommate RachelGabor. They were upstairs in TamaraReimer and JessicaFisher's old room first semester sophomore year. In keeping with the tradition; they moved downstairs after break into Melissa and Kathy's room for the spring semester. For the summer of 2002 MaryPeter lived with her SignificantOther, JoshMiddendorf, in the FoothillApartments, specifically in AptD?. She is very sad that the FoothillApartments were torn down because she has formed some especially fond memories of them, perhaps because she did not move out early as she has done everywhere else she had lived at HarveyMudd? up to that point. She and JoshMiddendorf pulled adjacent singles in SouthDorm for the first half of her junior year. Over Thanksgiving, the two silly lovebirds suited their singles, but this is hardly worth mentioning because it doesn't even begin to compare with her previous moves. Fortunately RachelGabor made a real move, thus continuing the tradition. Currently she is signed up to live in the same suite for her senior year across the bathroom from AlexPopkin?. However, she is hoping to move OffCampus? because she isn't sure she will be able to remember which side of the bathroom to go out of when she is up in the middle of the night. After graduation, MaryPeter moved to Chicago to be with JoshMiddendorf. She continues to receive her mail at in Chicago, but where she went after that is unclear.

"There's a jumping up and down bunch of balloons out there. I wonder if it's registered to vote."

Mary, while promoting her chosen presidential candidate during TrickOrCheese 2003


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