Yay summer! This page has been horribly out of date for a long time. Now, it's still out of date, but, it says less.

-The Management

During her frosh year, Mary took to cutting people's hair. She finds it to be a calming experience. Here's a list of all the people who've let Mary cut or trim their hair: JoelMiller?, ShannonKelley, Erin (Shannon's hichschool friend), BrieFinger?, MartyWeiner, TracyvanCort, ChrisHanusa, NickJohnson, KimWallmark, RickFujiyama, VirginiaStoll, NikosElizondo?, DanSmith, StephGrush, AriNieh, KristenShea?, RachelGabor, BretHutchinson, MicahSmukler, DanCicio, DanielLowd...

Mary's White Board: (feel free to leave comments here or add to her list of good things at GoodDoesExist)

"We put the FISH in EFFICIENCY." -Bret

"They made a snow cone out of your soul." -JL

"I would do stems...NO...I would juggle coconuts." -Matt

"Nick, the English language is not one-to-one and onto." -Mary

Old wiki links that used to be on this site: GoodGirl, WoundedPuppies, KermitTheChemProf, RainbowConnection, HappyMan, EpiChessers, BeachBoys

And the old base thing which I'm not quite ready to delete yet:

Mary is a GoodGirl. She is a FunBallPeople She's the one, the only DessertSage. She is also the creator of that madness known as HypercubeSuite. She loves octopi, otters, cats with a siamese temperment, WoundedPuppies, parrots and unicorns. Not to mention citrus (chocolate goes without saying) and GREEN! ...Imagine a GreenCitrusUnicorn?. Oh yeah! (...if you're having trouble imagining this, go find MicahSmukler and experience his HallucinationField.) And don't forget the BeachBoys (yay for sixties music). Oh yeah, and she's the current guardian of HappyMan. Another thing: She's the only true member of EpiChessers, being the only member of TheEpicenter to have ever played ChesSers.

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