I was suckered into creating a page on this because I have quotes on the CrackInTheAC page, people mentioned me a nonzero number of times, my interest in CrackInTheAC, and reading about hum classes led me to read stuff which led me to read LordOfTheReam (hilarious) which caused me to read entirely too much stuff and eventually at least in spirit, if not yet in deed, become some sort of WikiWhore (maybe one that is hard to find, since my name on the Registration of said hard to fine place and thus shall now have to be unWikiFied?), and also more liking Crack of the AC and LAC varieties.. Also, I don't know why some people bother considering that whole 'non-minor edit' thing, but anyway....

A big fan of PuzzlePirates in the spring of 2005 but then summer happened and I got in to WorldOfWarcrack...signs point to it being terminal. I also started bowling weekly this summer, and I highly recommend it. I took the semester off, but now am in the bowling class! Yay. Other than that, I used to play a lot of NaturalSelection, but that's tailed off recently (see also: WoW). I seem to command a lot.

Currently, it seems I have a habit of playing CrackInTheAC before first semester finals, having done so in 2003 for E&M and 2004 for AlgoRithms?. Due to Clinic and a baaaaad cold (and to not having any finals week finals that weren't projects), it did not continue in 2005.


Spring 2006 Schedule: Written by half hour, so 1:15 classes are at 1, etc. Tuesdays suck. Based on TWiki format, so I don't know how to do single boxes for classes.

8 am
9:30 Bowling
10 \/
10:30 \/
11 Clinic
11:30 \/
12 pm
1 Computer Security Computer Security
1:30 \/ \/
2 \/ \/
2:30 Thinking Through Democracy Thinking Through Democracy
3 \/ \/
3:30 \/ \/
4:30 \/
5 \/
7 American Political Thought
7:30 Orchestra \/
8 \/\/
8:30 \/\/
9 \/\/
9:30 \/\/

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