An EastDorm SketchyAlumn? (gosh I'm old) who formerly lived in UnderStair, known for making odd noises, wearing odd hats, and carrying around a big stick. He is a PhysicsMajor. Enjoys organizing and pulling pranks. Especially big ones. TorqueDorque, DormCheese, and DormTarpGuy? for 2006-2007

EastDormProctor for 2008-2009

TorqueDorque, DormJock, and one of the EastDormPresidents for 2007-2008

One of the instigators of the EpicBeforeHoes incident

Formerly worked at Sandia National Labs, where he shines large lasers on flames.

Currently a GradStudent? at UCDavis in physics. Was often in the Lounge in the 2013-2014 school year due to extreme levels of sketchiness.

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