MelissaBanister is a junior who lives in Santa Cruz, I mean Budapest, I mean Pest, I mean East, I mean...? Somewhere. She also has a car, that's parked... somewhere... Not really sure where. She has a small-and-fuzzy that's really small and fuzzy. It likes to eat people, namely the hand of MattMacauley. On a related note, the small-and-fuzzy likes to go for rides through the air. She also has a slightly larger small-and-fuzzy that likes to visit East, but gets terrified when a large group of Easties shout, "Dorm Meeting!" The slightly larger small-and-fuzzy likes yams above all thanksgiving entrees.

Melissa likes arrows. Arrows that go really fast and she steps on them and the music gets faster and faster and then it goes dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun, and the dragon comes, in the niiiiight... and then she gets a 300 combo and the arrows start spinning and then she goes wheeeeeee!!! Melissa likes math. She was going to be a Physics major but then she took core math and core physics and decided she wanted to feel somewhat intelligent in her in-major classes.

 RichardGarfinkel: Melissa's always sleep-depped.
 MelissaBanister: Only when I'm awake!

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