CaseFrosh? of 2013, who studied abroad in the Japans in the fall of 2011-2012. Was InRaisBed for the Spring 2012 semester.

Was pulled into SontagDorm during the SontagFirstAndSecondFloorSontagFroshClusterFuck for the 2012-2013 school year.

Is a ThirdFloorEastie and often shows up to events held by the ProctorOfVice. Has a weak PatriNumber of 3, a strong PatriNumber of 5, a WhedonNumber of 5, and a purity score of approximately 75 (as of FallBreak? '12).

Was voted "Dorm Lightweight and Compact" (and was almost voted "Dorm Loopy") at Eastmas 2012.

Likes to cuddle. Often initiates cuddle puddles in the lounge, during ViceEvents? or just whenever she feels like it. Sometimes accidentally falls asleep while doing so.

Current cuddle buddies:

Meredith may or may not be accepting new cuddle buddies, depending on how much alcohol she has consumed that night. (You should probably still ask first, though. Consent is sexy, guys!)

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