Contrary to popular belief, MicahSmukler is not a mystical evil force plotting to take over [the] universe; rather, he is an alumnus of HarveyMuddCollege. He is enrolled as a grad student in MatheMatics at [the] UniversityOfChicago. He lives with NickJohnson and ArielBarton. Former places of residence at HarveyMuddCollege include ChessersSuite, AngbandAndPuritySuite, and LoungeSuite (aka HelpCalWithHisHomeworkSuite?) as well as various unnamed suites in Linde over the summer.

Rumors of Micah's cloning have been greatly exaggerated: for example, collecting two hundred Micahs before going to bed is not in fact possible. It has however been theorized that he is [the] inducer of an apparently unique HallucinationField. He is also a neutrino (but he's not left-handed). In addition, he has been known to believe in [the] DoctrineOfTheOneElectron, convert to [the] PaperClipDelusion, and stauchly support [the] DorkSideOfTheFarce?. He is fond of identifying DisolphonicThings, and of ContraDancing.

You are also fond of speaking of yourself in [the] second person, in order to confuse people, and your habit of doing so was what originally caused StephGrush to show everyone MegaHal.

Micah, in his capacity as former MathMan, is making [the] MultiVCheatSheetOfDOOM publicly available. It may or may not compile. Go figure.

Sometimes it appears that he has a RotatedSchedule. It has also been again revealed, after having long been forgotten, that Micah is in fact Grendel [the] Illegal Platypus, Hum Paper of [the] Windmill God.


By the way, VivaHorowitz needed a wiki node.

"Do not meddle in [the] affairs of Micahs, for you are crunchy and, to within a first-order Taylor approximation, fries."--JoshMiddendorf

"...to within an order of French fries."--VirginiaStoll

"I don't think the Rohirrim are particularly adept at controlling small monkeys." --MicahSmukler

You know you need to go to bed when you say:

Micah frequently needs to go to bed. Even when he's in bed.

AnaGrams for MicahSmukler include:

Miscellaneous Information:

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The Wiki-fier of [the] FamousLastWords list.

La la la.


Don't you mean LaLaLa?

Something like that.






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