You might have noticed a lot of Michaels on the previous page, but you have clicked the correct one.


His hair is glorious.

(But then he cut it. TEEELLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

UPDATE: Don't worry, it's back.

UPDATE ON UPDATE: Tears of joy and mirth were shed at the sound of this news.

His spec rel party skills are undisputed.

Eastie sophomore.

Chris of Timescuk. The only one! Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

You may thank MichaelSheely for bringing the good and glorious TimMiddlemas to East.

He's probably a magician.

His shirt is 86.8% yellow.

He once wore a Cardigan, it belonged to NotCalvin.


Lives in EastDorm (all four years)! No no no! - Magda "MaxHlavacek" Hlavacek

Part of ShunLap and there is a TacoFic out as of now!

Helped write the SpecRelSong

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