MichaelVrable was a senior at HarveyMuddCollege. Before that, he was a junior, a sophomore, and a FrOsh. Some people will debate the truth of that last one. In 2004 he GrAduated, and is currently in GradSchool at UCSD studying ComputerScience.

Current Contact Information:

During his FrOsh year, he placed out of insane numbers of classes, and did unhealthy things such as taking PhysicalChemistry (see PchemFrosh). This resulted in a large number of ShoweRings. He used to count these (and in his SophoMore year had a map of where he had been showered), but such records have inevitably not been kept up to date. See the end of this page for some records.

MichaelVrable was officially a JointMajor, though really more like a MathMajor and ComputerScience major combination, with part of a PhysicsMajor thrown in for good measure. As might be inferred from this, he likes many different subjects and takes classes from many majors. It is also reasonable to assume that he must like pain and suffering, since he takes far too many units each semester and willingly wakes up early every morning. He feels like slacker during his senior year for taking too few classes.

KeeperOfTheWiki during his junior and senior years. One of the 2002-2003 EastDormPresidents. Also the 2003-2004 East DormTreasurer. During the 2002-2004 school years, he served in the role of "Orwellian Oppressor of the Masses" (students-l moderator).

He lived in EastDorm happily for three years. In his FreshMan year, he was inexplicably placed into WestDorm, but spent much time in East anyway.

He responds well to the name "Vrable". Many people claim he has no other name. He does not measure up to TheBrubeck's level, but perhaps someday he will acquire an article in front of his name.

Proud to be numbered among the members of FroshCloneSuite. Whether he is a real member of that group, however, is a complex issue.

Along with EdMiller, he constitutes "yes".

Interests: SwingDancing, UniCycle?s, SlideRules, JugGling?, VrableBall.

Past Rooms: West 466, East 109, East 125, East 122

Hey, welcome to this strongly connected component, SandiaPeople.

ShoweRing counts (out-of-date):

2001-02 Schoolyear:

2000-01 Schoolyear:

Feel free to leave something to say on Michael's WhiteBoard:

The WhiteBoard outside Michael's room has also been home to many GoodIdeas, such as:

"Theoretically, if we can get Margaret Thatcher in a pool, we can prove anything." --MichaelVrable

 RichardGarfinkel: In a word, that's DamnSpiffy?. Well, actually that's two words...
 Michael Vrable: In a WikiWord??

It should be noted that Vrable has spent Christmas Day tinkering with FunWiki. It should also be noted that I spent Christmas Day looking at RecentChanges. --RichardGarfinkel
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