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BirthDay: August 18

From 2002 to 2006, MiriamLeisman attended ScrippsCollege. During her years, she served as one of a number of EastDorm ScrippSies. She did not start out immediately as a piece of furniture within EastDormLounge. She became aware of the dorm when she was a FrOsh living next to ScrippsieCypress who was friends from high school with (now former) EastDormProctor, ErikShimshock.

After her relationship ended, she realized that she still wanted to hang out in EastDorm because it was a million times better than anything ScrippsCollege had to offer. By hanging out in the lounge, she got to know a lot of ThirdFloorEasties. Within a short period of time, those people died; MiriamLeisman continued to hang out in the EastDormLounge because she was cool like that.

As a SophoMore, she spent more time with the Jewish and Hillel crowds rather than at East. Sophomore year was what some call an unfortunate moment of temporary insanity. That was a mistake which she rectified completely as a Junior and started hanging in the lounge more frequently again.

Junior Year heralded much craziness including dating PhilMiller, changing majors (again) from CheMistry to Jewish Studies (which was, at the time, a self-designed HumMajor), and working her butt off to pay for her education.

Senior Year heralded much craziness including dating PhilMiller (a second time!), writing a thesis (which is really just a Big HumPaper), and working her butt off to end educational inequity (see TeachForAmerica?). She also took Cs60 with ProfessorRan. Approximately four months before graduation, she realized that she was only one step away from completing her own AvenueQ? SuperFecta?: "I wish I could just drop a class/or get into a play/or change my major/or fuck my T.A." and committed herself to completing it before graduation. She did; although she cannot put it on any resumes.

People occasionally ask how a nice ScrippSie like MiriamLeisman would spent so much time in a place like EastDorm. Firstly, EastiePeople were decently cool back then. Secondly, even if they weren't, they were still her friends. Thirdly, she thought lounge arguments were hilariously stupid or hilariously awesome and definitely a better way to spend an afternoon than HumPapers. Penultimately, she used to be a hardcore math and science person prior to 2000 and by the time she got to college she was sick of the courses and the investment, but not of the nerdiness and good humor that goes along with it. Finally, she needed a place to crash when her RoomMate had company.

Following her graduation in 2006, MiriamLeisman joined TeachForAmerica? and moved to New Jersey to teach elementary school in Camden; through quirks of the universe, she ended up teaching 7th and 8th grade math in the Kensington and Port Richmond neighborhoods of Philadelphia. She currently lives in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and lives with her roommate, Katie with whom she shares a SuperNintendo and a PlayStation. In addition to teaching, she also is receiving a M.S.Ed. in Secondary Education from the University of Pennsylvania and has found another system to work to her benefit.

Once upon a time, she was an avid DanceDanceRevolution fan. However, her work schedule frequently interferes with her ability to play games and the lack of community culture surrounding games makes her forget to seek them out as relaxation. MiriamLeisman overworks herself. That's why she joined TeachForAmerica?. She used to keep her life on Google Calendar, but now she shares her life between Google and her Palm which allows her to real time update when she makes meetings in person. It helps. Someday, an employer will equip her with a Blackberry. Not yet.

Also holds dubious honor of being the only person to have her bra unhooked by both MacKenzieStuart and BrianYoung. In the same five minutes and publicly no less.

Notable EastDorm Friends (list created by glancing through CategoryHomePage): AaronHomer, BenJencks, BrianRoney, ChrisErickson, LaurenSchulz, MacChriszieMcLeRoyErickStuart, MacKenzieStuart, MikeBuchanan, PhilMiller, PomonaJosh, PomonaSteve, PriyaPrasad, VivaHorowitz.

Quotes formerly on LoungeQuotes

MiriamLeisman "I don't have a penis, I don't have a ConDom, and I don't have George W. Bush's anus!"

MiriamLeisman: "The Bible is God's LJ"

MiriamLeisman: "I have a lot of fucking positions"

MiriamLeisman: "Vagina-powered Powerbook?"

MiriamLeisman: "I prefer giant cock."



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