MorganConbere is EastDormProctor for the 2007-2008 school year.

History and Random Facts

Over Summer 2005 he lived in the Sontag 205 suite with JonathanBeall, FrancesHocutt, and JeffRubenstein?. For the school year 2005-2005 he was half of the movies half of EDC, sharing duties with RichardGarfinkel. He was also the LoungeNazi for 2005-2006 and used this title to make the Lounge happy. By which we mean, not-smelly. Although he was not the NastWrangler?, he will take responsiblity for enforcing standards of basic hygeine within the Lounge. He also has a propensity for midnight orange raids on the ScrippsCollege campus which provides all who know him with fresh squeezed orange juice on a regular basis (Warning: It's chewable orange juice. Bring your own strainer(Or just drink your orange juice with pulp, as it's meant to be done. --JiBB)). You may also see MorganConbere dehydrating fruit or making smoothies in the Lounge. That's right, he's a VegeTarian?. He is the reason that EastDorm owned a FoodDehydrater. Much of the dehydrated fruit also comes from ScrippsCollege, usually the MallottDiningHall? fruit cart. He is a master of evading the scripps FruitNazis? who only allow patrons to take two pieces of fruit at a time.

For reference, his last name is pronounced Con-Beer, as per the family meeting his mother called to determine the pronunciation of the family name.


School year 2004-2005 he was a silly freshman. He organized the purchasing of a FoodDehydrator?. That rocked.

Summer 2005 he worked at the CIS helpdesk answering the phone. He has funny stories from that summer.

School year 2005-2006 he was a siller sophomore.

Summer 2006 he worked on campus with MikeErlinger developing Tinkernet and generally doing nothing.

School year 2006-2007 he was one of three presidents of EastDorm.

Summer 2007 he worked on campus with ProfessorDodds developing computer vision tools (OpenCV?) and generally doing nothing.

School year 2007-2008 he is the EastDormProctor.

Self Ego Boosting

Is dating ridiculously hot and brilliant Scripps math major JenniferTownsend. Liek zomg, hot srsly.

MorganConbere is infamous for a number of actions around EastDorm:

He feels uncomfortable writing his own wiki page, but is unhappy when his page is completely out of date. If you find yourself reading this and something has changed, update it so he doesn't have to feel awkward.


"Corsets may hurt, but it's better than anorexia"- in the lounge

"Ass-ice down the shirt!"

"I want to have your babies -- they were delicious!"

"Don't make me go all Proctor on your ass!"

Regarding threesomes: Katherine: You know, Morgan, in terms of consent two out of three is not really a good thing. Morgan: Two out of three ain't bad!


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