A vibrant musical about love, poetry, jealousy, and the Bohemian revolution.

AlexBobbs thought this was the best movie of the summer. The directing and visuals were nearly overwhelming and gave the movie a great surreal feel. The plot at its core was nothing to write home about, but the characters were so vibrant and powerful I found myself more involved than I ever thought would be possible for a "love story" movie. The musical numbers are the best part, alternating between touching, haunting, and outright hillarious. I laughed, I cried... it was great.

This movie absolutely rocked AriNieh's world. It was clever, artfully executed, and aesthetically moving.

KimEspinoza thought this was a good movie. It was very visual and some of the songs were really fun. It might be really good for you ADD kids (there was a lot of flashing around from here to there). This movie would be good to own if you like to collect different types of movies.

JoeFrosh didn't see why everyone thought this movie was so amazingly wonderful, though I though that song that everyone sang to tha manager or whatever was really funny. I don't remember it that well now, I saw it a long time ago.

LizKadison apparently saw this movie a while after everybody else, and was amazed. Baz Luhrmann sure likes his parties. The first scene at the Moulin Rouge is tremendous. There's at least three or four different musical themes going on at all times, and the visual effect is fabulous. Luhrmann knows how to use a lot of people and a camera. The dancing is great, and well done for a movie like this. The whole spectacle (costumes, dancing, singing, music, cuts, everything) just left me awestruck. The plot was, well, predictable and corny, but you don't see a movie like this for the plot.


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