A comic strip written by EvilSouthie about life in EastDorm and the greater Mudd community. MuddPeople will likely be drawn by StephGrush at some point in the future, but EvilSouthie hasn't been able to talk to her recently. So he's going and pestering other vaguely artistic people that are EastiePeople.

Aw, geez. Completely forgot about this page. I wonder if I even have my old scripts. Somebody force me to draw a comic one of these days. Whiteboards are always handy, at least. I need an outlet for witty remarks. -- Southie

People who have drawn MuddPeople so far:

A list of the Mudders who have shown up in MuddPeople strips so far:

The people in strips that have been written but haven't been drawn yet (so if you have objections about being in a strip (or would just like to hear the strip before the rest of the world), tell us now):

If you _want_ to be in a Mudd People strip, put your name here:

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