"Well he was just some Nate C'ppallo..."

Nate Cappallo lived in GsixtyThree suite in EastDorm for two years. He was the one that lived in TheChampagneRoom. Well, at least that was where his stuff was. Also, the N64 and SuperSmashBrothers belong to him, along with the other games for said system.

Nate Cappallo then lived in East 124 for his senior year. After two years of a suited room, a single was very nice, but he found it difficult to be social without the social life coming to his room all the time.

Nate finally died in May of 2002. He is now in the grad school program at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD (that's Maryland for those west coasters that don't know). Currently does experimental work in condensed matter, and a few classes that are a total waste of his time. He loves teaching, but hates grading. To find out more (like home address in Baltimore) see [Nate at Chaos Ranch].

Currently a PhysicsMajor, but also interested in MatheMatics. Helped to kindle the growth of unicycles in EastDorm. Was one of the EastDormPresidents with KurtDresner from 00-01 as well as the DAC Chair from 01-02. Additionally, involved in Concert Band, ex ShowerQuality, PreOrientation?, DeltaH?, ex Putnam, and many other things to keep him occupied (as if the work weren't enough).

Some of my favorite links here in FunWiki

...and everybody loves Nate.

and he's the most unattainable suite in east, remember...

I don't know what either of these things really means, but I can assure you that I've experienced neither of these things... I think.

Everyone I have asked loves Nate... as far as I can remember, he's a babe, right? And stuff.

I like Nate. He's friendly and he gives me hugs when I ask. Which is more than I can say for a lot of other people. Plus he has the Ninja Jigglypuff egg, which in and of itself is most spiffy.


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