Simple, polite rules to keep the game fun and everyone enjoying themselves.

Standard NS Etiquette
Aliens should get the extra player if > 8v8?, marines if < 8v8?
Nobody should join the marine team until the comm does. - The comm joining "starts" the game.
Do not kill aliens immediately as they spawn unless you are actively assaulting (shooting) the hive, or are building a base in the hive
If you are exceptional at playing one team, play the other one once in a while for the challenge if nothing else
Be nice to the comm, always (unless they are Cal). And although this should be obvious, make sure the comm knows who you are and what handle you use before you start shouting at him.
Don't quit the game unless the winning team accepts your surrender (especially if you are within minutes of dying anyways, let them have their victory)
If marines are pushed back to their main base, don't all hunker down. Aknowledge your defeat and go out swinging. Static defenses are not noble.
Don't go onos or heavy armor in games <= 4v4?
Do not drag out the game. Anyone who purposely makes the game take longer once the outcome is certain is a jerk. On the other hand, recognize that people may not be purposely dragging out the game, and so don't complain unless you are sure. It's possible they just were playing it safe, or maybe your team is doing a better job holding them off than you thought.
Don't wank about the map. If you hate it so much, get in the game and try to win as fast as possible.

Combat Etiquette
Neither side should use the "hunker down in base" strategy for long, or the game gets boring quickly
Give newly spawned skulks a second to move before shooting them
Don't go onos or heavy armor in games <= 4v4?
Don't wank about the map. See above.

Lan Etiquette
Don't turn the lights off or be loud if there are people working
Bring headphones or leave the sound off
Make sure everyone is ready before joining the game
Do not mock the new peoples
Don't boast about kills that required no skill or luck. Boasting itself is perfectly okay, especially if you do something really tough.
Condolences are nice when something unlucky happens to your foe.
On the other hand, if someone killed you in an awesome way, or if bad luck happens, laugh it off, that's what the game is about after all.
Boasting = ok, Mocking = bad, Misfortune = as funny as its victim lets it be


I personally disagree with the spawn camping rules. For the NS version of the rule, if you're passing by and get a quick kill in, it's no big deal. And if the marine is camping long enough to matter to any extent, then why haven't your teammates killed the marine in the hive yet?! And as for the combat version, when the entire enemy team respawns at once, it should not be your duty to play nice and give them a chance to get their bearings: they have enough advantages already (numbers, hive regen, etc.). Not to mention the fact that I don't want to have to be hesitating with every shot, wondering if that skulk just spawned: if I see a skulk pop out of nowhere, I want to have full liberty to shoot it, regardless of whence it came.

'Course, I don't have a problem with spawn camping in general...


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