Big time roller coaster FrOsh. As of 2022, one of the EastDormCoparents? with CatherinePhillips. A Holy Catholic Boy(tm).

They tried putting him in SouthDorm and failed.

"Oh yeah, this is big brain time."

His best pick up line is, "Did you know a penguin's neck bones make up approximately half of its total body length?" Needless to say, he is single.

Nick has been declared the East Dorm Coelurosaur because Coelurosauria is the smallest taxon whose name begins with C that contains Spheniscidae.

Holds some "unpopular opinions," particularly with regards to Star Wars (which used to be listed here). He unashamedly dropped $35 on a porg mug at Disneyland.

Has a passionate disliking of STEMS. One might even call it hatred.

Didn’t know about Conway’s Game of Life until spring of his senior year, despite being a Math-CS major.

May try to convert you to Catholicism.

As of the DUCK Improvathon 2022, Nick was officially nicknamed Waddles by AvalonFeiler. This subsequently became WaddlesMcNut.

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