NickHerman is a CrazyUpperclassman?. He can usually be seen sitting on the roofs of art buildings, rolling on the grass, or creating new popes for the next Hapsburg dynasty. One time, a square of his ceiling fell off.

Harvey Mudd College in ten minutes: Multiple gunshot wounds to the head. And a few orgasms.

Old Info

The current, dedicated East DormHistorian!

Also, head FNMG guy.

A maturely juvenile FrOsh of admirable character and humourous capacity. A contradiction unto himself. The first frosh to be imitated with sterling accuracy by ConorMcNassar. Known to take anthropological photographs of Easties in their native environment. Anti-ShowOff. HeadRub whore.

NickHerman knows many upperclassmen due to his status as an LJFrosh. They are likely unaware of his unsavory gam fetish, though he has some pretty fine gams himself.

Denies being stereotypically East-like despite his extensive collection of video game music sountracks, rampant creative and/or hummy tendencies, and general inclination towards silliness. Also denies likelihood to become a BitterUpperClassman. Time will tell.

Managed to make his way through last semester while having many fruitful adventures journeying to the cave of magical monsters, slipping on marshmallows, only finding them to actually be a long lost tribe of marshmallow men that possessed advanced technology in the form of cryogenically preserved cybernetic-robotic-super-ultra-cephalopods.

Last seen trekking through the Amazon forest at 9/5ths the speed of light, juggling on a unicycle while playing flamenco to lure the snakes out of the mystical Uzonga tree so as to cut them down with his intense samurai chopping skills, which will allow him to attain a higher plane of enlightenment following his successful completion of the prime directive handed down to him by a "Mr." Doctor Professor Figbottom the Third.

If you ever see him, you may just be reading both The Oddysey and The Stranger SIMULTANEOUSLY while in the shower humming a rendition of "So What."

In the words of his good associate and thought-networked friend JoseluisEspinosa, "Uncorruptable!"

Is majoring in MathBio to further his goals towards robotic-octopi world domination, pooling his talents with EliBogart to make such a land-sea-air force come into existence.

Classes that need taking:

Classes that have no reason to ever be taken not even on penalty of death:

Nick is also the finder of the TreeBra.

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