HumanIty ('93)

TheoryofTemporalRelativity ('94)

TheStream ('96)

VoiCes ('96)

AbandonedSatellite (Spring '99)

EmPty (Summer '00)

UntitledOne (Summer '00)

TwoEdgedBlade (Fall '00)

ThePromisesOfSpring (Spring '02)

InvocationOfAutumn (Winter '02-'03)

TheFinalDoom (Jan '04) This was my final email to Schmack, which i had chrestened "Doom, with apples". Hence the name (steph's willful misinterpretation aside).

SolipSism (May '04) Written as part of a way too short Battle_of_Wit poetry war, i decided i actually liked it. I'm also amused that i managed to reference both Hamlet and Dante in the same poem

Anaesthesia (August '04)

A Rose (Jan '05)


Im going to bump this just to see if i actually get a response - now that wiki is mostly new people who may or may not have found this page. I really do like comments. Especially insightful ones. Cheers --Nick

See also: PoeTry

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