Let the bloodshed begin!

No More Heroes is an action series exclusively for the Wii (we'll get to that in a bit).

In the first game, you play as Travis Touchdown, an ex-wrestler, anime-obsessed dude who just purchased a "beam katana" off the internet. With this weapon in hand, you begin ascending the ladder of the local assassin's association, working your way up from rank 11 to the #1 slot. The game has some very interesting bosses, including a giant brain in a machine, a murderous magician, and a woman with a prosthetic leg/ missile launcher. The game is also interesting for its use of the Wiimote's unique capabilities, used for several minigames, as well as..."recharging" your beam katana (wankwankwank), and with the speaker on the controller used as a cell-phone stand in.

In the second game, you play as...Travis, again, as he once again ascends the assassin ranks. The beam katanas are cooler, the bosses more awesome-looking, the boobs jigglier; all in all, it is a very well done sequel. It does away with Wiimote shenanigans, instead giving you 8-bit minigames to earn money.

You should play this game. Yes, you out there reading this wiki page. Go do it. Now!

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