The NoWordMeta™ is an academic strategy frequently employed by the FrOsh at Harvey Mudd College who are still being graded under the pass/fail system during their first semester. This tactic involves taking advantage of the pass/fail grading system to get away with doing the minimum work required to pass a particular class, as there is no incentive to try otherwise. The name of the strategy comes from the observation that many PassFail FrOsh do not use any words to explain their reasoning on homeworks assigned in Math19? and Physics23?, opting to scribble the bare equations used to solve problems instead. Often this results in the detriment of the grutors of these classes, who are forced to decipher the arcane unintelligible hieroglyphs that are the students' homework.

The NoWordMeta™ is most frequently utilized in the classes Math19? and Physics23?, as they are core classes all FrOsh take in their first semesters that involve many "plug-and-chug" problems (where explanations are more of an afterthought than the primary focus of said problems). Rarely, it can be found being used by upperclassmen who are still locked into the PassFail mindset™.

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