During FinalsWeek, QuietHours are in place 23.75 hours a day, except for 15 minutes at night when all hell breaks loose. DOS provides various fun activities that are good stress breakers and noise makers, and everybody blasts whatever speakers they've got. Afterwards there are Noisy Minutes Treats in the MuddHole (which, incidentally, is the only place on campus that's allowed to be noisy all the time during exam week, and has neat Noisy Minutes activities to go with Exam Treats if CCC has gotten its act together).

Food is also offered at TheHoch post-NoisyMinutes.

NoisyMinutes is apparently much tamer than in years past- it currently consists of little more than noise and people assaulting each other with inflatable toys, but EricBusboom described the NoisyMinutes of his era as "the Los Angeles Riot on a tight schedule, but without the looting," and goes on to describe how he tested a flamethrower in front of West during them.

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