NorthDorm is a reflection of EastDorm just to the north. It is known for loud music, beer, and sports (spectator sports and intermurals, mostly). Some characterize NorthDorm as a fraternity in personality. While North is co-ed, it has an unusually high Male/Female? ratio. BeforeYouWereBorn, there was even a year in which no women lived in North. This is where the sheep come in... but let's not go there.

"Although they rigged the frosh room assignments in the 97-97 school year such that most of the frosh in North were female. That was balanced out by south, which had 3 female frosh that year, and something like 28 male frosh."

North is also the dorm with the most smoking and gambling.

and there's one suite (can't remember which) that's always playin excellent techno. NorthDorm has lotsa rockin music, but often doesn't play it loud enough to drown out CubeSchnaider. *sigh*

Most Northies (ThirdFloorEasties excluded) rarely visit EastDorm. One exception to this is after a NorthDorm meeting, when they typically wander to East and shout "Norf" and taunt East. (NorthDorm and EastDorm have a bit of a rivalry.)

Actually, according to one AncientMyth there was once a North FreshMan called Nord who was InvitedToRetire after his frosh year. But his friends in North swore that his memory would live on, and so they yell the name of Nord at each dorm meeting. Whether this is true... who knows?

It is true according to AncientMyth, and according to modern day Northies. This makes it an indisputable truth.

North has some interesting traditions including:

... I guess PiOe? is finally dead? (If you don't know, I'm not going to say. Not just a BadIdea, but truly disgusting.)

Along with WestDorm, prone to RamRanching tour groups and prefrosh.


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