Nutcracker Suite is in ThirdFloor East. It may contain:

And also AdamDunlap (see: ShunLap).

Also CassieRossi, ForestKobayashi?, IrisZhou, and FloraXia

CalvinLeung, LilyFriedberg, HaviEllers, AdamDunlap, JohnLittle, and CassieRossi were involved in the hair blue-ing of 2016 here.

Notable Quotes from Fall 2016:

"I bought this shirt in high school because I thought shirts like that were cool." -Calvin

"I just relate to a fog horn." -Forest Kobayashi

"When I was walking back I wanted to eat an entire jar of peanut butter. Then I had this glass of water and realized I was just thirsty." -(0x3218ffff?)*

It has long been my belief that the key to good living is finding people who have the same delusions as you." -Lily

"I know how to do that, just get a clogged artery." -Havi

"I'm entirely beans." -Adam

"Have you tried drawing a vector field?" -Calvin

"I'm a cow in the green pasture of vectors, Moo~" -Lily

"I was actually born in C-section because my afro was too big." -John Little

"When we turn the luminous intensity to maximum candela..." -Lily, Shiyue

"I'm an enchantress, I go around and break the hearts of men for fun." -Havi (two tally marks on whiteboard)

"It's a beautiful day, don't fuck it up." -Lily

"I think that's the first time I've ever done TDD." -Michael

"Havi, I don't know what I'm doing." "Me either." -Havi "What are you doing?" -Lily "I'm considering what would happen if we set aside our preconceived sense of must." -Havi

"I once stopped talking to my best friend for a week because I couldn't stop thinking about his lungs." -Lily

"You just thought it was the middle of the night because you were awake." -Havi

"Is that balsamic vinegar?" -Lily "Yeah, all this talk is making me a little thirsty." -Michael

"I don't know what the problem is but is yet but once I do I'll have a handle on it." -Katydyd

"Can we use the fridge as a whiteboard?" -> "us ndge a wh t b ar ?"

"Guys, we're gonna eat all night and then, when we're full, we're gonna cook some more." -Calvin Leung, human shitpost, no wonder he lives in the toilet.

"I guess I could live without Prof Townsend for three days..." -Calvin "Is that the name of your stuffed whale?" -Lily

"Yvonne, I love you" -Lily "And vice versa" -Yvonne

"For the first six to eight weeks of the semester, I wore a different shirt every day." -Adam Busis

"Monotonic apathy" -Lily

"79-Br 70%, 81-Br 0%" -Wat

"Whale can't sit on boobs. Need bigger boobs." -YB

"John W. Townsend has been a pillow for the last week" -Calvin

"The next step on the road to enlightenment is realizing that even once you're broken, it still hurts." -Luis

Havi: The pumpkin is growing mold, we should either throw it out or culture it. Yvonne: I think we should culture it. Drinkward needs more dorm culture.

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