Occurred on November 9th, 2023 (somehow this chronologically takes place after both OtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherWindowBreakingIncident and OtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherWindowBreakingIncident). Not unlike OtherOtherOtherOtherOtherWindowBreakingIncident.

A small group of FrOsh were gathered around one of the rooms, with one of the FrOsh having locked themselves out. It was 11:00pm (generally after the time when you would call the Proctor), and it was cold. Logically, the thing to do was to go in through the windows, with the front window being the closest. As one FrOsh vaulted in through the window to unlock the door, the structural integrity of the windowpane was vastly overestimated and it cracked outward. Nobody was hurt, but the FrOsh were very confused and slightly nervous (especially since one of the DormPresidents? had wandered over, having returned from a late-night work session). After enlisting some more help, the glass was cleaned up, and ProctorKai? sent out a tired email about being locked out and making sure to call him or CampSec rather than resorting to drastic measures like vaulting yourself in through your front window.

"I don't want this to come out of my dorm deposit" - an unnamed FrOsh

"Oh, so this is why Proctor Kai sent out that email." - an unnamed senior''


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