Last year, some members of NorthDorm decided to amuse themselves by launching WaterBalloons at EastDorm. These fine individuals had apparently forgotten some of the basic PhySics they were taught as FreshMen, namely that things come down with the same velocity they went up, and water at high velocity is more or less solid.

One of these WaterBalloons went through one of the second-story windows in the EastDorm lounge while the people in the lounge were watching a ScaryMovie. Although the broken glass rained down on the couches and some of their occupants, fortunately, no one was seriously injured--although some people were seriously startled due to the combination of the loud exploding glass noise and aforementioned ScaryMovie. For some reason, all the members of EastDorm were charged for the broken window in their housing bill. This illustrates the general principle that launching objects through the air at high velocity is a BadIdea.

The charges were later revoked and charged to the correct people.

I don't believe that the charges were ever revoked -- Seema "I paid my $1.78 and haven't gotten it back yet" Patel


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