Lives in Lounge Troll Suite with Lenny, Squiggy, Mordecai, Olly and DanCicio. (baw-mah-now)

She has also lived with StephGrush, EmmaBoyer, MinervaWelling, MarySullivan and a couple other people. (baw-mah-now) She once lived in StinkingBallHalla on the stupid fire hazard mattress. (baw-mah-now) She has also shared her room with the MattressPit, the FunBallPit and a whole lotta snakes. (baw-mah-now)

Mela is the sole remaining member of FunBallSuite and a charter member of SporkYou. She is a BioMajor (and may even use her degree--they make great pets! (baw-mah-now)) Her alignment is chaotic evil.

Super Rocket Monkey is on a desert planet!

Wait!!! I am not to be hearing you!

Wait!!! I am to be coming!!! (baw-mah-now) Do not go away!!!

Oh no! I find the space pad, but miss call from SpaceControl?! Maybe I can replay message!!! <tap! tap!>

Space Control does not call back!!! What do I do now?

(it is the yes!!!)

Bad robots! No!!! (baw-mah-now)

(it is *still* the yes!!!)

No No, robots, *no*!!! (No.) (baw-mah-now)

Ha ha! We have the misunderstanding! Yes!

Schedule for the Fall 2003 Semester:

(insert ream here)


This space left intentionally blank.



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