Patri was the first EastDorm ProctorOfVice. Please don't believe the stories about him, as far too many are true.

For example, during his senior year, he threw the eponymous PatrisParty, which abounded with vice of all sorts, such as DeathChess and the SlaveAuction. He was involved in a BigPrank or two, such as the BigBlackTarps (left over from his party) and the PitzerGeodome.

Among his contributions to popular culture is the concept of a PatriNumber, which was shamelessly ripped off by mathematicians to create the Erdös numbers and by movie fans to create the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game. Rumour has it that time spent around Patri tends to lower one's PurityScore.

Patri used to live in the AlpineButterflyLodge. He now lives in TorTuga.

Patri is boycotting KissiWebNeighbors until more people get on the bandwagon.

Patri's website is http://patrifriedman.com/.

Owned the DeathMobile, according to certain original members of TimeSuck. (Yes, he did own the DeathMobile. And then he gave it away in the raffle at PatrisParty after he got his convertible. -- TimBuchheim)

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