Remember SixDegreesofKevinBacon?? Well, same type of system, but it measures distance to PatriAaronForwalterFriedman through sexual connections.

HarveyMudders may be more familiar with ErdosNumber?s than with the Kevin Bacon game...

The PatriNumber comes in two flavors: strong and weak. A weak PatriNumber is characterized by kissing or other such forms of contact. A strong PatriNumber is characterized by intercourse for heterosexual relations and "spork" as used in purity testing for homosexual relations.

PatriNumbers are retroactive. Your ex-GirlFriend from high school, like most people in the western hemisphere, now has one. If she wants it to be lower, she should visit the as-of-yet-unnamed intentional community.

Question: We've been trying to figure out if I (AlexBobbs) have a weak PatriNumber. Does a peck on the cheek (as in, from the MadFeast?? kissing-fruit game) count?

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