For most of you, this happened BeforeYouWereBorn.

If you were there, you know.

If you were not, you will never understand.

There was PatriAaronForwalterFriedman, cage dancing, DeathChess, flashy lights, a SlaveAuction, BigBlackTarps, a wine fountain, and many things that will never be forgotten.

The StinkingDogInn was sold as a suite at PatrisParty.

With help from SonjaBohr, SteuardJensen is happy to share some... PICTURES!

[The wine fountain, of course.]

[The faculty death chess team: ProfessorBenjamin and ProfessorAarao.]

[Who knew booze could be beautiful?]

[Round 1 of the death chess match.]

[MathDepartment chair ProfessorMoody cheers on his team.]

[Patri himself, enjoying the party.]

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