A phrase actually coined by TheBrubeck that describes a certain type of movie that tends to be favored by JustinPava (That is, he tends to be falling off his chair in hysterics at things that everyone else just shakes their heads at most of time). This is not a list of "Movies that Pava likes" - although I am fond of most of these, I must say. But then again, there are movies I am fond of that are not on this. Please feel free to add to this, if you feel it qualifies.

A PavaMovie is a mind-fuck. It generally relies on elements of dark humor including heavy violence (Note: NOT random there-for-ratings violence. This violence is there for a reason. It just shows up a lot in these movies BECAUSE the other type is so prevalent and this stands against it) and questioning of social and moral "givens." They also generally require to be rather weird and have serious elements of Wackiness. Note, weirdness alone does not count. For example, while I love MontyPython? type stuff, I would not classify that here. Also, just being dark and thoughtful is not enough, becuase often the wackiness is what brings it over the edge (Eg: UsualSuspects? - Dark, but not wacky).

I'll write in short discriptions, etc... as to why I feel these movies qualify. For now, however, I might not. :->

Most anything by the Coen brothers:

Directed by Quentin Tarantino:

By Terry Gilliam, once of MontyPython?, now just director of surreal shite:

By Stanley Kubrick:


(Have you seen A Boy And His Dog, Pava? I would think it would qualify, given the listing of movies, but I'm not sure who it's by and I hesitate to classify PavaMovies without Pava's approval) - EvilSouthie

(I'd have to add Perfect Blue to the suggestions list...) -AndrewSchoonmaker


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