Name given to the suite in LindeDorm consisting of SeemaPatel, JohnWalseth, TysonMacDonald, and IanSchempp that I just made up 5 seconds ago.

So called because the phrase "Pear Into Peaches!" was written on the whiteboard all summer long.

The phrase "Pear into Peaches" is derived from the (rather bad) dubbing of StarOcean?; one of the main characters has this attack where large chunks of rock rip out of the ground and impale enemies. When he performs this attack, he yells "Tear into pieces!" or "Tear 'em to pieces!" (we're not sure which). It could be mistaken for "Pear into Peaches!", a discovery I'd have to attribute to someone I'm only going to identify as WonderLlama?, since I don't recall his last name off-hand.

Other unofficial members of PearIntoPeachesSuite:

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