Now is the time to stock up on extra-large pizzas; you'll need them to feed your family later (unlike mathematicians, at least you'll have one). You will not become a theoretical physicist. You're more likely to become a fighter pilot or a movie star. Yes, even you. After you graduate you'll be reduced to whoring yourself out as a code monkey or an engineer if you want to eat. When things get rough, just remember that PhysicsMajors get the most play. With hot-blooded Mars in ascension, do your best to popularize old myths on how to get a good grade on a physics test (ask an upperclassman physics major). You have the least requirements for your major, so use the extra time to do something good for humanity, like brushing up on VideoGames. When it's all over, convince yourself StatMech was just a bad dream. --2001 LookBook

The best of the majors. Different from a FourteenInchPizza.

See also PhysicsDepartment

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