This story has been handed down from AncientMyth.

A group of Mudders headed by Dieter and including RifHutchings? planned a BigPrank for Halloween one year. They wanted to steal the geodesic dome from PitzerCollege and place it on top of a building, dressed as the Great Pumpkin. They prepared a pumpkin costume for the unsuspecting dome, and in the dark of night they set out to "liberate" their subject.

As they began to move the geodome across Linde field, they discovered that it was weak and might not survive being moved. Saddened, they decided to return the dome, but still transform it into a pumpkin. Some of the pranksters returned to HarveyMuddCollege for the materials while the rest stayed to replace the bolts they had removed from the dome.

As they were doing this, a pair of CampSec officers came by. The quick-thinking PatriAaronForwalterFriedman went over to talk to the officers, and explained that a group of HarveyMudder's had noticed earlier that the bolts on the dome was a little loose, so they decided to come by that night and tighten up the bolts. Meanwhile, right in front of the officers was a whole group of Mudders dressed in black and carrying socket wrenches, who (surprisingly) really had been tightening bolts.

One of the officers was apparently taken in by this. Her partner was doubtful, but seemed satisfied that the students weren't doing any harm. As they were busy talking to Patri, the other group of Mudders returned with the pumpkin materials, saw the dialogue taking place, and quietly left again. CampSec never knew.

Not only did they get away with it, but the CampSec officer who bought Patri's line (and hook and sinker) got the group a little commendation write-up thingy in that month's Security Report:

10/31/97 4:27am The Pitzer Geo-Dome "A Security officer stopped 8 students, with tools, from one campus near the geodome of another campus. One of the students explained that he had found loose bolts on the geodome and so had gathered several other students to come over to tighten the bolts. Security stood by while the students tightened the bolts and then left the area."

If someone else has additional details/corrections, please fill them in.

As of July 2003, the PitzerGeodome no longer exists. It was removed to make way for something better to replace it. Something which lacked its annoying, wooden, rot-prone floor. Something cool.

At least, that's what the CampSec guy claimed had happened...

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