Crack, snapple, pop!

Note: This should read Crack, snapple, soda.

"Little Pizza Place" is official jargon for the FoodPlace next to the MuddHole. Usually we just call it the MuddHole and have done with.

As AndrewSchoonmaker learned when he was a PreFrosh, it's the place you go when you play VideoGames through dinner. Serves ({pizza, sandwiches} of middling quality), soda, NantucketNectars?, Snapple, candy, popcorn, and other assorted junk food.


In the days when Marriott ran the 5C food service, the PizzaPlace had better food, prices and selection. AraMark? runs it now. Marriott will soon fall under the category of BeforeYouWereBorn, when the class of 2001 graduates. It seems as though Aramark will also be BeforeYouWereBorn two years after that.

Now known officially as JaysPlace, but will probably never be called that. (Update: It is now called that (as of 2016)).

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