In November of 2018, some Easties, lamenting the decline of prank culture at Mudd, decided they were going to do something about it and make a BigPrank. LilyFriedberg came up with a great one: "Let's go to Pomona and replace all the signs that say 'Pomona College' with other things: Panera, Ponono, Pomano, etc!" AelyAronoff liked the idea so much he decided to organize it all by himself. He spent the remainder of fall semester scouting around Pomona and making what can only be described as a conspiracy theory map (red string and all!)

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Then, beginning over winter break and continuing at the start of the spring semester, he started manufacturing the replacement signs. He painstakingly took every single sign that said "Pomona", measured it, found a matching font, and color-matched it with an actual picture of each sign. This process took hours, but luckily he didn't do his homework, so it worked out. With the help of PiperLangerWeida, JohnLittle, DaniElizondo, and CassieRossi, more than 200 signs were graphic designed, laminated, and cut, all in just 2 days (We laminated them so that if it got rainy or dewy we wouldn't accidentally paper-mache the whole campus). In the weeks leading up to this point, we also painted 7 large banners with a half gallon of orange paint on 250 feet of blue plastic tablecover.

A couple weeks before the prank AelyAronoff started organizing people into groups that would go out and actually do the prank. In total, 63 people signed up, enough that each group would only take about an hour for the prank to be finished.

When the night finally came on March 8th/9th? 2019, the valiant pranksters walked, drove, and strolled to Pomona at 2 AM, covering all the signs and celebrating with a well-deserved late-night trip to Norms.

Unfortunately, a few of the signs had already either fallen off or were removed by various Pomonites the following morning, but rumor has it that a few of the smallest ones remain there to this day.

The section below has individual people's stories about what they did on the night of the prank. The section under that is for pictures.

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