PomonaSteve who also answers the phone with the name SteveDeFord? or StevenDeFord? depending on his current mood of formality was amazingly enough a student of PomonaCollege although he was rarely seen there. PomonaSteve was also known around campus as the guy with TheVest? due to his ever present "Vest of Stuff." After graduation, PomonaSteve spent a year working at LaserFiche and being a SketchyAlum before going to RochesterNY? as a MedicalStudent?.

During his time at the ClaremontColleges PomonaSteve taught EmergencyResponse? and was willing to fix any person deemed borken. Now that he has scary doctor stuff he is likely to attack you with his reflex hammer or attempt to look in your ears with the ear-looking-thingy. He also has a skull that he keeps on his desk. If you wish to communicate with the skull you can message it on AIM at StevesSkull?.

Sadly, PomonaSteve had to return the skull to the medical school to sit on a new student's desk. The hears go by. Now all you can communicate with is the giant plastic heart. (Sadly, GiantPlasticHeart has not been registered on AIM.)

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